Manufacturing Services

Three Reasons to Choose Our Manufacturing Services


Factory Strength

Our Factory has more than 2000 Workers

We have a strong production team that can quickly fulfill any of your orders. We help many brands design and manufacture their leather goods.

Advanced Equipment

We have 500 sewing machines, 20 bronzing machines, 30 die-cutting machines, 40 cutting machines, with a monthly output of 2.8 million pieces.


Quality Assurance

From Sample Making to Production at Scale

Every cooperation starts with a sample, our leather craftsmen make a sample that meets your expectations in strict accordance with the drawings, and then start mass production. We Accept the third party QC 100% inspection.

Quality Inspection and Control

We have a professional quality inspection team to ensure that all products are tested and meet your standards. Only products that meet the standards are packaged.


Cost Control

Material Utilization and Transportation

Cherish every piece of leather, we cut it wisely to make the most of it. In terms of shipping, we offer free shipping when your order reaches 500 pieces.

Material Supplier

We have more than 100 material suppliers, a large number of suppliers means we get quality materials at low prices, and our manufacturing costs for the same product are lower.